12.4.18 BI:Analytics:Big Data – Successful POCs in 2018 to Fuel Growth in 2019

Machine Learning and AI have been driving interest and a vast number of POCs (Proof of Concepts) have been completed in 2018. Systems Integrators have reported a high degree of success with these PoCs because of advances in tools and because results have demonstrated strong ROIs. As a result of this activity, SIs are expecting accelerated growth in 2019.

• Field contacts indicate that budgets are being approved and end users and SIs are lining up resources to support these expanded production rollouts.

• POCs have included both NoSQL and Hadoop as data repositories. Production rollouts are expected to drive growth for both of these technologies. Legacy relational data bases are also involved in some applications so data base vendors, i.e. Oracle, Teradata, IBM, and others should benefit as well.