Industry Professionals – Participate

Sales Pulse Research is a technology research firm. We issue a few short surveys throughout the year and share our research with the limited community who participates at no charge. Our research is completely paid for by our investment clients. In return, participants receive real-time visibility into IT industry trends and their impact on end users, vendors, VARs and Systems Integrators. Participation is confidential.

Our community is limited to those we know personally or by referral and currently includes ~560 sales professionals.

Criteria for participation:

  1. Senior sales, SE or management professional providing technology infrastructure hardware / software / services.
  2. Current knowledge of competitive dynamics in one of the following areas: network infrastructure, cloud services, security, UC, mobility, telecom, virtualization, or storage.
  3. Interest in completing 2 or more of our short surveys per year and receiving our aggregated measurements and insights into technology and vendor trends.
  4. Participation: To receive our research, participants are asked to respond to at least two surveys per year. Our surveys are short (approximately 10 minutes to complete). That’s it, just take part in two or more quick surveys and you have access to our research. Those who participate also have access to Sales Pulse Research analysts, at no charge, for discussion and to  additional reports that may be helpful in understanding specific trends or vendors that are of interest. Participation is confidential. We never share your email address.

Benefits of Participation:

  • Information to benchmark your performance against your peers.
  • Visibility into Unprecedented Industry Change to insure you stay ahead of the historic transformation that is impacting our industry.
  • A better understanding of what services are in growing demand.
  • Insight into the progress of individual vendors including competitive positioning and dynamics.
  • Whether you wish to have more knowledge in your role as a trusted consultant to your customers, to anticipate / respond to competitive issues, or to decide how to allocate company or personal resources, the insight shared by your peers through our forum can be invaluable.
  • Our research is also used to assist in career choices and as input into investment decisions