Investor Research

Tailored to Analysts and Portfolio Managers, Sales Pulse Research covers Publicly Traded Companies in important IT market segments. Sales Pulse Research proactively pushes out updates on industry and company trends.

Field Surveys

Sales Pulse Research conducts Industry Segment and Vendor specific surveys. Survey results are shared with the information providers, as well as our clients. Surveys explore overall IT spending trends and changing priorities. Some surveys are tailored to gain feedback on specific issues that are identified as key to the performance of specific vendors or segments.

Targeted Research

Sales Pulse Research analysts work collaboratively with clients to leverage our network of industry contacts to explore specific topics and issues.

On a best efforts basis, Sales Pulse Research can tailor the scope of research to client requirements and garner a broad spectrum of perspectives from field sales/channel contacts in a target market to better support your investment analysis and decision efforts.

Relevant experience and knowledge combined with current market visiblity

Sales Pulse’ expertise and real-time research may be a great resource for your investment team. We are happy to discuss our services in more detail and to provide information on the depth of our knowledge in the segments and names that may be of interest to you.

Tap into SalesPulseResearch

Surveys, Events, Seminars & Interviews

In addition to surveys and on-going dialogue with our network of industry contacts, Sales Pulse Research attends relevant industry conferences and events to stay on top of fast changing IT industry trends, vendor announcements and competitive dynamics.